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Founder & CEO

Jerry is also a Senior Professor in Computer Science and Engineering at Washington University. He received his BS, MS and ScD degrees in Electrical Engineering from MIT. From 1974 to 1991, he was chair of the Washington University CSE Department and in 1997 became founder and Vice President for Strategic Planning for Growth Networks. This venture-funded chip-set company sold to Cisco in 2000 for $350M and eventually led to the top-of-the-line Cisco router, the CRS-1. Over his professional career he has taught and done research in asynchronous computing and designed and built many digital systems, using both the synchronous and asynchronous approaches. He has published over 100 scientific papers and book chapters and has eight patents.


VP & Co-Founder

George is also a Professor of Electrical Engineering at Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville. He received his DSc from Washington University in Electrical Enginerring and has an active teaching and research program in the area of integrated circuit design at SIUE. Accomplished in circuit design, he co-invented Magtek’s MagneprintTM technology; developed the Intellihead ASIC for use in credit card readers; developed AUDIOscreener, a portable instrument to screen infants for hearing impairments; and developed low power analog circuits for an early digital hearing aid. In 1991 he co-founded LoCAT, Inc., a company specializing in computer-assisted tracking systems. He has published widely and has eight patents.



Tom is also Vice President of STS Technologies, Inc., an engineering design consulting firm. His BS degree is from Kansas State University and his MS degree is from Washington University and both are in Electrical Engineering. He had a 38 year career (1965 to 2003) at Washington University as a research engineer. He was a leading team member in the Macromodular Computer Design project which developed a set of asynchronous computer building blocks, and in the very early design of several full-custom IC’s. He was also the lead engineer for a high-speed ATM network switch (an ancestor of the Cisco CRS-1) that included a set of three full-custom ICs. During his career, he has spent more time testing the metastable performance of IC flip-flops than most people in the world. He has authored several historic papers on metastability and holds one patent related to metastability.



Scott is also the current President and CEO of STS Technologies, Inc., an engineering design consulting firm founded in 1993. His education includes a Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Missouri – Columbia in Computer Engineering. His engineering experience includes digital circuit design, electronics and mechanical interface specification, product design and development utilizing FPGA’s including soft-core processors and real-time operating systems. His primary responsibilities at Blendics include qualifying sales leads, estimating contract costs, supervising jobs under contract and managing the office and laboratory.


Computer Programmer

Mike earned his BS in Mathematics from the University of Dayton, with a second major in the university’s Physics-Computer Science program. His MS is in Computer Science, from Washington University. He has a number of years experience developing applications in C/C++, as well as some secondary experience in other languages such as Java and C# .NET. He is responsible for ongoing development and maintenance of the Control-Element Synthesis Tool, as well as future development of the ClosureACE design tool for both FPGA and ASIC products. He is also responsible for development of source code in C for use on the MicroBlaze processor and supporting analysis of the theoretical foundations for Port Independent Live and Safe Petri Nets.


Hardware Engineer

Jeremy graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in May 2012 with a BS in Computer Engineering as well as a BS in Electrical Engineering. Previously he participated in Undergraduate Research as well as was an active member and Chair of Washington University’s student chapter of IEEE.


Hardware Engineer

James graduated from the Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville in December 2012 with an MS in Electrical Engineering. He participated in research involving the use of asynchronous wrappers for ASICs. His education also includes Bachelors of Science degrees in Computer Engineering from SIUE and in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Missouri at Columbia.


Assistant to the President

Nancy spent 35 years in non-profit management and grant writing before coming to Blendics. She coordinates grant submissions, reporting functions and grant management. She also serves as office manager and HR manager. She has a B.A. in English and Education from Drury University and is a Certified Grant Professional (GPC).


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